Microsoft OneDrive is a place for you to create, store, and organize all your personal files. You can share content from your OneDrive with others to collaborate on Word documents, Excel workbooks, PowerPoint presentation, and more.  

Access SharePoint in OneDrive Online

Looking for your SharePoint files all in one place? Look no further! Now available in OneDrive Online you can view all your SharePoints and files along with all your OneDrive files. 

Sign in to Microsoft 365

For more detailed instructions for logging into Microsoft 365 apps, view Logging in via a Microsoft prompt.

Which Tool When?

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Having trouble finding which Microsoft 365 application will help you accomplish your goal? Look no further!

Individual OneDrive 

All users are provided with a 2 TB storage capacity. This is known as your OneDrive. Documents in your personal OneDrive are private unless you choose to share them. Work stored in a Departmental OneDrive will be automatically shared and viewable by departmental employees with permissions for that folder or folders.  

The following limits apply to both Personal and Departmental OneDrive: you can share up to 50,000 items within a folder and any sub-folders; you can upload individual files of up to 250 GB; and OneNote notebooks saved in OneDrive or SharePoint are limited to 2 GB. 


Teams and SharePoint OneDrive 

If you are also using SharePoint, this supports up to 25 TB. Your OneDrive can connect to these folders with permission-based availability. You can sync your SharePoint folders with your OneDrive, as well.  


  • Storage of up to 25 TB increments 

  • Easily integrated with all other Microsoft 365 tools 

  • Advanced granular data recovery abilities 

  • Scalable: UT's future direction 

  • Total control of your data with version recovery 

  • Offline access and file sync features 

  • Access from any device - Superior mobile capabilities  

  • Mac support - Files On-Demand (Requires Mojave 10.14 or later) 

  • No VPN, SMB or WebDAV connections necessary 

  • Single authentication source (Microsoft 365) 

  • Approved for storage of confidential data 

  • And much, much more